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The issue of immigration has increasingly come under the national spotlight in recent years, and individuals with immigration-related legal needs find their challenges to be more difficult than ever before. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have stepped up their missions, with thousands of immigrants rounded up for removal and spending month after month in detention without so much as a bond hearing while waiting for their day in court. Meanwhile, individuals trying to enter the country for education or employment, or to reunite with family members, face seemingly insurmountable hurdles and mounds of red tape.

New York City attorney Michael Delakas understands the U.S. immigration system from the inside out. Michael Delakas is here to help you navigate the government bureaucracy and find success with your immigration matter, whether it involves deportation defense or obtaining a visa for yourself, a family member or worker.

Aggressive, Strong Removal Defense

Michael A. Delakas worked for seven years as a contract investigator for the United States Immigration Customs Enforcement Border Patrol and Personnel Management. He understands the frustration of detainees and their family members when a person is held by the U.S. Border Patrol or Department of Homeland Security without any explanation of their rights. Some even voluntarily agree to removal simply because they do not have any hope for freedom, or they do not understand what their options are. Those who think they can return to the U.S. after being removed without a pardon run the risk of being detained at the border and spending up to ten years in federal prison. It is essential to hire an experienced removal defense attorney who understands your rights and can represent you effectively in Deportation/Immigration Court.

Michael Delakas is with you at every step of the way, from bond hearings and court representation to petition for review and immigration appeals. Regardless of your immigration status, know that you have rights, and that attorney Michael Delakas will help you fight your deportation with every legal means available.

Effective Visa Assistance

Obtaining admission to the country for a temporary or potentially permanent stay requires knowing the correct visa to apply for, and understanding the procedures involved in the applicable petition process. Even then, the number of visas granted in any particular category in a given year may be extremely limited. Persons who apply without a thorough knowledge of the system or without assistance from a skilled and knowledgeable immigration attorney may spend years struggling to get their visa approved through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Whether you are seeking a temporary stay or lawful permanent residence leading to citizenship through naturalization, Michael Delakas can help you through the process of obtaining the appropriate immigrant or non-immigrant visa. Mr. Delakas helps individuals obtain Green Cards and authorization to work and live in the U.S., and also bring over fiancé(s), parents, spouses, children and other relatives. If you are a business person or employer seeking to invest in a U.S. business or needing to bring over qualified workers for your company, Michael Delakas can help you through the appropriate process and also guide you through the necessary steps to maintain compliance with U.S. immigration laws, including I-9 verification of employment eligibility and advice and representation in ICE audits and investigations.

Get Help with Your Immigration Needs from a Dedicated New York Immigration Attorney

For strong and effective deportation and removal defense in New York City, or for help with employment-based, family-based or business-based visas, contact Michael A. Delakas, Esq. at 212-321-0232 for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

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